Vinnitsia marriage service and local dating

1. marriage agency " Svetlana's Agency "
BP 54 Kherson Ukraine 73020
agencysvetlanas @

2. marriage agency "Kherson Girls"
KhersonGirls Suvorova 31, Apt 1 Kherson Ukraine 73025
Office: +38 (552) 42-35-16 or +38 (552) 42-35-62

3. marriage agency " roksolana dating "
Address: Perekopskaya st. 47, Kherson, Ukraine, 73000,

4. marriage agency " Kherson Pearls"
Kotovskogo str. 4-76, kherson, 73000, UKRAINE
phone / fax: +38 0954598221

5. dating agency " Kherson Fiancees "
of 227, 43 Ushakova str. Kherson, 73000 Ukraine
Ukrainian office: +38 (0552) 26-29-83; Representative in USA: (859)-916-2626; (speaks English)+38 050 749-10-86

Kherson is considered to be a not big provincial city in Ukraine where about 300 thousand people live, and in which a number of women exceeds a number of men in almost 15 percent (its characteristic for many cities of Ukraine called ‘cities of brides’). A non-complicated estimation will give an estimated number of lonely women in Kherson – there are more than 20 thousand of them. And every of them dreams of loving and being loved, warming and supporting a family fire and spending evenings in man’s hugs. A chance for obtaining a family happiness is given to them by international dating agencies, where every Kherson girl can come across a man of her dream. A possibility of starting a serious relationship and becoming a bride is quite high, because Kherson ladies are quite attractive, feminine and housewifely. These are the qualities that western men lack so much.

In Kherson work dating agencies of three types:
‘Face-to-face’ – a classic scheme for local citizens: a man and a woman come to an agency office and ask to help one find them a possible partner. Here is only about serious relationships.

Online dating agencies: sites and online services where people register by themselves, fill in their profiles and get acquainted as well as communicate with other users through the net. Such sites are as a rule places for flirtation and a search for entertainment for the whole night. Quite often escort-agencies and prostitutes claim to be lonely Kherson women who try to earn easy money.

International dating agencies: they introduce lonely girls and women from Kherson to potential fiancés from Europe and the USA. As a rule, they are branches of big networks of international services. Here is a quite serious checkup of clients to avoid scam. Every girl is registered personally, and in an agency there are copies of her documents kept. Agencies offers their brides in Kherson all services for free – beginning from translations of correspondence to delivery of flowers to organization of romantic tours and acquaintance parties called socials.

How to get to Kherson, Ukraine?

1. Train number 102-K Kiev-Kherson . Departure from Kiev - 21.44. time of arrival in Kherson 10.13
2. A private taxi from the airport Kiev( Borispol) Kiev airport "Borispol" -Kherson transfer taxi
3. From Odessa: taxi transfer from Odessa to Kherson
Accomodation in Kherson: Accomodation service - Kherson apartments flats rent

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